Drug charges and rights violations

  • Review of police notes pertaining to dealings with informer ordered (eventually leading to all charges being stayed)

  • Acquittal preserved in front of Court of Appeal in case of illegal search based on smell of burnt marijuana

  • Client acquitted after 1/2 lb of cocaine & $30,000 excluded from evidence based on violation of client’s rights after warrant for residence ruled invalid

  • Court accepts argument that warrant to search client’s condo should not have been issued and client’s rights were breached.
    Ruling that as a result of breaches of client’s rights in connection with unlawful search of condo, 1.5 kg of cocaine found in condo should be excluded from case. Client acquitted.

  • Client acquitted of obstructing police by giving fake name after Court agreed client should never have been pulled over in the first place.

  • Client acquitted of possessing MJ for purpose of trafficking after court agreed police used excessive force in executing search warrant.

  • Court agrees police officer’s conduct improper – case adjourned for further argument but all charges dropped by prosecutor after hearing Judge’s comments.

  • Client acquitted of selling MJ after Judge agreed with argument police did not have enough evidence to arrest and search client.

  • Client acquitted in connection with MJ grow operation after Judge agreed warrant should never have been issued.

  • Client acquitted of involvement at MJ grow operation after Court accepted argument there had been serious violations of client’s rights and excluded all evidence.


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