Civil, family & tax cases

  • Client victim of police brutality. Adjudicator finds officer responsible guilty of using unnecessary force and abusing his authority.

  • Client police officer attempting to diffuse domestic dispute exonerated of deceit in reporting to superiors on his actions

  • Successful application on behalf of client's step-father, to have court dismiss claim against him by biological father who wanted client to contribute to biological father's child support payments.

  • Police ordered to pay client’s legal costs after client successfully sued police for rights violations.

  • CRA’s case against client thrown out after court accepted argument that CRA had acted improperly.

  • Client, father, awarded interim custody of children with only supervised access to mother due to false accusations and other troubling behavior by mother.

  • Plaintiff awarded more than double the amount in damages proposed by ICBC (See paragraphs 19 & 33).


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