Charges involving violence and / or weapons

  • Client spared jail over the objection of the prosecution after pleading guilty to discharging firearm into vehicle in downtown Victoria.

  • Client granted bail while awaiting appeal after convictions for multiple firearms offences

  • Passenger in vehicle with stolen licence plates found with loaded pistol. Acquitted after Court accepted argument that client’s rights had been seriously violated in several ways.

  • Client found not guilty in stabbing after Trial Judge accepted argument that client acted in self defence.

  • Youth who admitted he was guilty of 2nd degree murder after shooting 3 people outside nightclub acquitted of 1st degree murder.

  • Assault charges dismissed based on police treatment of accused after arrest.

  • Successful appeal of client’s assault conviction after Court agreed with argument that Trial Judge had ignored vital evidence.

  • Youth client spared jail after pleading guilty to home invasion with imitation gun.

  • Client spared jail, where Crown asking for 2 years, after guilty plea to home invasion involving beating with baton.

  • Client released on bail by Court of Appeal after spending almost 1 year in jail on murder charges.

  • Client found not guilty of murder after Judge accepted argument that client acted in self-defence.

  • Evidence of weapon excluded from evidence and case dismissed after Judge agreed with argument that client’s rights were breached when he was stopped by police and detained for no reason.

  • Client granted bail on charge of murder involving stabbing of man client found with his common law wife.

  • Client granted bail on charge of murder arising from midday shooting in Nanaimo Industrial park.


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